San Luis Obispo Landlord Tenant Disputes

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Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, renting real estate is complicated. There are legal agreements, contracts, and insurance to deal with, not to mention the actual physical building itself. Add into the mix the ever-changing state and local regulations that govern renting, and you have a recipe for a complex set of problems. The Law Offices of Dennis James Balsamo, APLC help San Luis Obispo landlords, and tenants quickly and effectively resolve disputes.

Legal Services for Landlords

If you rent a residential or commercial property, then you probably do not need us to tell you how many problems can arise. We understand California’s rental laws inside and out, so you will have comprehensive legal guidance no matter your situation. Whether you want assistance creating leases and contracts, ensuring compliance with state and local regulations, pursuing an eviction, or resolving a dispute, attorney Dennis Balsamo has the knowledge and experience to help.

Legal Services for Tenants

When you rent a property for your home or business, you place a great deal of trust in your landlord to uphold their responsibilities to you as a property owner. If the space is not maintained safely and in accordance with the law, or if your landlord tries to conduct an illegal eviction, it is important that you know your rights and have someone who can stand up for you. Dennis Balsamo will ensure that your rights are protected, that your landlord treats you fairly, and that you are duly compensated if appropriate.

San Luis Obispo’s Landlord Tenant Dispute Lawyer

When it comes to the intricacies of property rentals, there is almost always a lot on the line. Landlords work hard to maintain their valuable assets and community reputation, while tenants count on them to provide safe homes and businesses. Everyone concerned has a lot invested in those monthly rent checks. Working with a knowledgeable landlord tenant dispute attorney is the best way to guarantee that any problems are handled as promptly as possible. Attorney Dennis James Balsamo has been representing San Luis Obispo clients since 2002 and has the skills to help you with all of your rental-related needs.

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